Mr Ludo

Mr Ludo (1)Description

It’s been a very long day at the office and Mr. Ludo’s got a very bad case of the boardroom blues. Help him in his race to be the first out of the office in this exciting new interactive board game app!
Inspired by the classic games, Ludo and Parcheesi, which were introduced hundreds of years ago and continue to be a popular global phenomenon played by millions and spawning popular themed games, Mr. Ludo takes a new and modern spin on one of the world’s beloved games.
Players roll the die and make their way around the office-themed game board. But in order to begin, each player on the payroll must roll a “six” on the die before one of their workers can exit their cubicle and start their journey out of the door!
Rolling the die and advancing that number of spaces, office politics come into play as opponents can send their colleagues back to their cubicles by landing on the same square they occupy. While the objective is simple, players will need a sound strategy and just a little bit of luck to burst out of their office in this cut-throat, every-employee-for-themselves dice game.
Game Features:
• Six vastly different environments, ranging from tropical islands to wacky outer space.
• Interactive, real-time online play for up to 4 players, in any location!
• Leaderboards that track your career progress, both globally and against your Facebook friends.
• Head into on-the-job training, battling the AI “Lu-Bots” on easy, medium or hard difficulty.
• On the move? Try Express Mode to enjoy the same experience within a shorter time commitment, perfect for commuting, or your 15 minute afternoon coffee break.
• Earn awards as you hit goals, such as “Hostile Take Over” and “First Day!” on the job!
• Express your on the job feelings with a wide range of fun office emotions
• Fun, competitive play perfect for friends, family, and co-workers from all around the world!
What are you waiting for? it is FREE and everybody is already playing it.




What’s New

New environments have been added in, practice mode campaign, more sounds tracks and performance improvements.