Music Inc

Music Inc (1)Description

UK Music, the IPO and Aardman have joined together to make Music Inc – a game that allows you to envelop yourself in the world of music production.

Taking on the role of a producer and owner of a start-up label, you can select artists to nurture, record their songs, then support them with marketing and band management, ultimately attempting to succeed through the sales of your artist’s recordings. As you progress, your empire grows, allowing you to expand your studios and take on more artists to conquer the charts.


– Sign artists to your label from the Artist Market.
– Manage your artists to increase their fans, charisma and motivation.
– Send your artists on tour to make extra cash and increase their skill.
– Release your tracks in a virtual chart.
– See how piracy affects your sales.
– Upgrade your studios to unlock management tools.
– Borrow money from the bank, but make sure you pay your overdraft off!