Prison Break

Prison Break (1)Description

David was jailed for some unknown reason and the guard told him that he had to spend the rest of his life there!And the problem is,he didn’t even know why he’s jailed there!No Way! No Way! David decided to take some actions and get out there to find out why. A prison break plan came into his mind and he had to do it carefully,a step wrong could result in a total failure!
If it wasn’t for them, David could walk out of here. Now is the time for sneakiness. And there’s no one sneakier than him…so let’s do it!
No one likes to rot there!So smart prisoners,are you ready to jailbreak?Sounds attractive that task is tough,You have to be careful of the guards and pay attention to choose the right timing.Either prisoners plot a successful jailbreak,or they rot in there the rest of their lives.Leave prison? Easier said than done, pal. But this will be good practice for the real thing. Move through the cell house without getting spotted by the guards.
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