ZOMBIE RIPPER (1)Description

In the city gradually infected by virus, groups of zombies show up. Here, you will act as a hero for the city! Now, hold up your gun, and begin to protect the city!


** Unprecedented 3D high definition! Realistic sound effect! Make you on the scene!**
** There are more and more infected areas and you should clear them up one by one!**
** Zombies with varying evolving degrees will bring the city with more and more serious death damage. Kill them with techniques according to their characteristics!**
** Zombies show up in groups. Strafing the zombie crowds, bringing you sensory stimuli!**
** Many guns are available. Pick your favorite one! Upgrade the guns as you wish, and get more power!**
** You will get higher ranks with the increase of your time on the battlefield.**

☆There are myriad areas on the map, with each having 20 sites crowed with zombies!
☆Zombies in each site will attack you in batches!
☆Take care of your blood volume, and get treatment immediately after you are attacked!
☆In proper situations, hand grenade will kill groups of zombies faster than guns.
☆Every time when you have killed a number of zombies, there will be more techniques available for you.
☆Every gun can be upgraded to gain more power.
☆The higher your rank becomes, the stronger your resistance power will be.

Keep yourself in readiness! More areas will get infected, and more zombie varieties will show up! You are the hope for the city!!






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