Ravenhill Asylum: HOG

Ravenhill Asylum HOG (1)Description

Have you ever been curious to take a look beyond the bounds of a mental hospital? How does it feel to be amidst madmen? Drop in abandoned Ravenhill Asylum and get an exciting trip through a maze of its mysterious passages, explore hidden rooms and meet some weird characters! Will you ever find the way out?
Ravenhill Asylum is a Hidden Object Game. You’ll have to find a way out of the bizarre Ravenhill Asylum that is not in fact inhabited by ordinary madmen.
Feel free to explore the fabulous game universe alone or with your friends. Complete various tasks and search for mysterious artifacts together! Help each other to make your gaming experience even more thrilling!
Get ready to encounter new characters: both friendly and helpful, and those trying to harm you!
All these things and even more await you in the incredibly exciting multiplayer adventure in Ravenhill Asylum!
Game Features:
– FREE to play
– Large number of characters
– Various quest versions
– Large variety of collectible items
– Powerful artifacts
– Constantly evolving living history
– Mesmerizing music
– Two game modes: normal and nightmare
– Fascinating multiplayer
– Achievements
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