Shardlands (1)Description

Breathtaking journey into an alien world full of mysteries, challenging puzzles and big scary monsters.

– Current version (1.1.8) is reported to still have graphics problems on devices with TI OMAP 4430 chipset
We are currently working on an update to fix this problem.
Thank you for your feedback!

“The spectacular visuals, serene soundtrack and intuitive gameplay make it a sure-fire success” – MacUser Magazine, March 2013 (iPad)
“Beautifully atmospheric, gently taxing, and thoroughly absorbing: Shardlands is the kind of mature gaming experience you’ll whip out to validate your pastime to non-gaming friends.” – Pocket Gamer, Silver Award (iPad)
“For those looking for a slower, atmospheric experience with just the right dash of puzzle flavor, this gets a hearty recommendation.” – AppSpy (iPhone)
Shardlands is an atmospheric 3D action puzzle adventure game with breathtaking visuals, beautiful soundtrack and fluid gameplay. Dawn is lost in a desolate alien world trying to find her way back home. She must activate an ancient machine with keys that are scattered around a broken world full of puzzles, monsters and dangerous contraptions.
• Optimized for Tablets
• Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls
• Gorgeous dynamic lighting engine brings the alien world to life
• Beautiful and atmospheric original soundtrack and sound effects
• 25 challenging levels packed with puzzles, exploration and stealth action
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Additional Info:
* If you feel the frame rate is low, try to toggle on the “Low-Detail mode” from the Graphics in-game-menu
* If you think graphics are too shiny and want more an old school-experience, feel free to try the “Indie mode”
* If your device has enough power, go ahead and toggle on the “Bloom”




What’s New

* Fixed “missing characters” graphics glitch
(still not fixed: devices with TI OMAP 4430 chipset)
* Check Additional info from the App description