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Spotflux is an Intelligent and free VPN service, trusted by millions worldwide, that provides the added intelligence of bandwidth reduction, privacy protection, and anti-malware filters.
**After your 10 day trial period expires you will continue to have basic free VPN service without bandwidth savings or anti-malware.
Unlike other VPN services, Spotflux lets you:
– Save bandwidth and maximize your data plan
– Stay private with pro-active privacy defense
– Stay protected from malware
Don’t be fooled by other VPN services that simply hide your IP address, Spotflux is the only Intelligent VPN that encrypts and compresses your data while performing millions of cloud-based, real-time analyses on both incoming and outgoing data to identify malware and unauthorized activity, protecting you from digital harm.
Analyzing your data twice provides a level of protection unavailable with other services. By analyzing incoming data we can prevent the ingestion of malicious code (viruses, invasive tracking, etc.). By analyzing outgoing data, we ensure that if your device is already infected, that personal data is not being broadcast without your permission.
The use of a cloud infrastructure provides a highly intelligent connection that adapts and reacts to deter threats on a real-time basis delivering the very best security and privacy against the ever-evolving global digital threats.



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What’s New

1. Ability to disable tray icon
2. Better diagnostics for support
3. Additional bug fixes