rumr: anonymous messenger

rumr anonymous messenger (1)Description

rumr: anonymous messenger lets you chat anonymously in real-time with your friends.
* Be who you want to be
You are always in control of how you send messages on rumr. Want to say what’s really on your mind? Share freely and send a message anonymously. Want to send a message as yourself? Be honest and send a message with your real-identity. You can switch between sending messages anonymously or with your real-identity at any time in a chat.
* The rules of rumr
The more friends you add to a chat, the more anonymous it becomes. If you only have 1 or 2 friends in a chat, it will not be very anonymous. We recommend up to 5 or more. Make sure to invite your friends to increase the anonymity!
* How is it anonymous?
When you are added to a chat you are assigned your own unique color and icon. You are the only one that knows this color. When you post messages anonymously it is with this color.
* Think you figured out who everyone is?
The colors in the chat can be shuffled by the chat owner at anytime to reset the anonymity. To keep chats anonymous make sure to shuffle the colors often!
* Pics please
After many requests, you can now send pictures anonymously in rumr!
* Anything else?
If you ever want to chat with team rumr, we can be reached at [email protected] .


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