Squarescape (1)Description

You are trapped.
An exit you think will set you free only leads to another colorfully unfamiliar area. The chance to return to where you once were depends solely on the power of a small circle and your own ingenuity. Navigate the puzzled scape of unknown worlds to rediscover where you belong.
Can you escape?
■ Simple, yet compelling grid based puzzle game
■ A new, unique challenge with every world you discover
■ 100 addicting levels that increase in difficulty
■ Classic arcade-style graphics and sound
■ World dependent color styling
■ Swipe anywhere in the direction you want to move
■ You can only move again once you have fully stopped
■ Grab the circle and find the exit to move on
Praise for Squarescape:
■ “This is a game that will definitely keep your mind sharp.” – AppAdvice (5/5)
■ “This application is the latest and greatest.” – AppsMeNow (5/5)
■ “A solid game that offers many hours of fun and challenge.” – SmokinApps (4/5)
■ “Squarescape is pure retro gaming glory.” – Free Apps Arcade
■ “An absolute recommendation for puzzle fans.” – Appgefahren
■ “This takes a simple concept and makes it complex in such a good way.” – App Chronicles
■ “Increasingly difficult and puzzling affair. Sure to entertain.” – AppsHappens
■ “It was this or a cheeseburger, but that cheeseburger wouldn’t have kept me entertained nearly as long as this has. I’ve never looked back.” – TheStapler (5/5)



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