TimePIN (1)Description

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TimePIN is a security and ease of use enhancing application. TimePIN sets your lockscreen PIN code to the current time resulting in an ever changing PIN that can not be shoulder surfed or repeated due to fingerprints on the screen. Modifiers allow you to morph the PIN, to further enhance security.


12hour and 24hour clocks are both supported.


(If no modifier is applied, and the time is 9:12, your PIN will be 0912)
Reverse – reverses the PIN. If the time is 11:24, your PIN will be 4211
Mirror – mirrors the PIN. If the time is 8:34, your PIN will be 08344380
Double – Doubles the PIN. If the time is 12:34, your PIN will be 12341234
Offset – Applies a user chosen offset to the PIN. If the time is 10:43, and your offset is -121, your PIN will be 0922.

The reverse modifier is free, and no purchase is needed to use the application. The additional modifiers are available for purchase for $1.99, for all, for life.

For all non lockscreen purposes, and the first unlock after turning a device on, a user selected default PIN is used.

Please remember, if you get “locked out” (which shouldn’t happen), reboot your device. Your first unlock will be your default PIN!

*TimePIN is not currently recommended for encrypted devices, please do not attempt use on encrypted devices. This feature will come in a future update.

Future features:
Additional modifiers
Support for encrypted devices*
Support for alphanumerical passwords
Support for pattern password*

*Starred future features may require root access

Permissions used:

Starting TimePIN at boot:

In-App Purchasing:

License retrieval:



What’s New


Fixed issue that caused TimePIN to open the login activity when applications updated.
Fixed crash due to non-responsive Google Play when upgrading
Modified Demo PIN button behavior
Fixed bug that resulted in notifications not being immediately disabled.
Fixed bug in Tasker plugin
Made failsafe more reliable
Fixed displaying FAQ from ActionBar
Fixed Offset getting reset by backing out
Added additional warning when disabling notifications