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HomeSlice is a comprehensive technology that allows roommates to create a private social network equipped with all the tools necessary to stay on top of household supplies, chores and bills.

Key Features:


WHITEBOARD: We’ve taken the traditional whiteboard seen in every college home and made it the hub of communication so that roommates can easily communicate about household supplies, chores and bills or even weekend plans!

SUPPLIES: Simply add household supplies or communal items to your home’s list and then by slicing or sliding to the left or right you are able to notify your roommates as to whether that particular item is in-stock or out-of-stock. After re-stocking an item, post an amount you paid for the item to let your roommates know!

CHORES: Chores….ugh…But they have to get done! Again simply add chores to the home’s list and after completing a chore, “slice” it as complete and get recognized. To let your roommates know when a certain chore needs to be taken care of, slice to the left and an anonymous post gets posted back to the whiteboard in order to let roommates know that a chore must be taken care of ASAP!

BILLS: Stuck with paying a utility bill for your home or need to pay your roommate back for beer?! No problem. Add the bills/payments your home is paying to the home’s list. Then simply slice to the left or right to notify roommates as to whether a bill is paid or unpaid. Once a bill is received, post the amount due and by what date to ensure the bill gets paid on time!

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