Mech Conquest

Mech Conquest (1)Description

Join the intergalactic online war on an epic scale in this adrenaline-fueled game of decisive battles, addictive strategy and explosive Mech-based combat. Mech Conquest places you in the heat of the action as you gather resources to expand your fleet, recruit the hottest pilots and build a formidable army of fully customizable 3D battle Mechs to fight it out against real opponents for ultimate galactic supremacy.

Cinematic 3D Battles


Build your Mechs, then watch them fight it out in epic battles across multiple exotic locations.

Create your ultimate Mech

Create the ultimate battle Mech from thousands of possible combinations by winning/collecting regular, rare and ultra rare mech parts including legs, chassis and arms that pack an awesome punch with guns, missiles and swords. Even customize your Mech’s colors.

Recruit the best pilots

Recruit the hottest pilots with their special bonus abilities to give you the valuable edge in battle

Build up your fleet

Expand your mother ship and your fleet to transport your armored warriors to the front line and dominate the galactic war – from mining ships and research facilities to crew quarters, hangar bays and more.

Unlock special items and achievements

Win battles to earn currency as well as rare and ultra rare cards that will give you an edge against your opponents. Collect 50+ achievements

Join the intergalactic global struggle

Help your allies to win the war by conquering planets from the enemy faction. View your rank in the global leaderboards, play against challengers from other mobile devices, Facebook or Kongregate.

Connect with your Facebook friends

Receive in-game tokens for every friend you invite, or ask them for help when you’re out of fuel.