Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

Rogue Beyond The ShadowsDescription

You have lived all your life in the same town and known each of your neighbors for many years… But one day you wake up suddenly in the middle of the forest, alone, lost, and confused. When you return to your hometown, nobody remembers who you are. Something terrible has happened, and your adventure has just begun.
Explore a fantasy world full of magic, goblins, skeletons, lizards, gnolls, necromancers, golems… and many more!
Lot of hours of gameplay, including a main world and different dungeons.
Get involved! Want to add your own quests on Rogue? Expand the content of Rogue as much as you want: get the Golden Knight badge on our forums to create your own and unique quests. If your content is approved they will be available on next Rogue releases on Google Play to all players.
More information on codestalkers forums:
Minimum specs:
– OS: Android 4.0
– CPU: armv7 1.2 GHz dual-core
– Memory RAM: 1 GB
– Storage: 700 MB
Note: this game includes ads, but you can remove ads at anytime on settings menu. (paid feature)








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