Quip (1)Description

Quip is a modern word processor that enables you to create beautiful documents on any device — phones, tablets, and the desktop. It combines documents and messages into a single chat-like “thread” of updates — making collaboration easy.


Take notes, organize to-do lists, and collaborate within your company. Share folders to organize your projects at home or at work. All features work perfectly offline, syncing whenever you have an internet connection.

Key Features:
• Real-time, collaborative editing
• Messaging – Every document has a chat thread
• Offline – Edit anywhere, even on an airplane
• Folders – Share with your family or team
• Checklists – Interactive, shared lists
• Diffs – Every edit is in a document news feed
• Presence – See who’s online, what they’re up to
• @mentions – Link to people and documents
• Notifications – Know when a doc is opened
• Read receipts – Check who’s read your edits
• Inbox – See what you haven’t read

Quip also works on the desktop (Mac and PC). Access anywhere at https://quip.com.

More information on why Quip asks for permission to read your contacts: http://bit.ly/1av0xMf
Quip Terms of Service: https://quip.com/about/terms


What’s New

First full release. Includes complete support for creating, editing, and sharing documents.
• Contact chooser and message composer, available from the inbox.
• Share threads, documents, and folders with Quip contacts and with your phone or tablet’s local contacts.
• Swipe right-to-left to open a document from its thread, left-to-right to close the document and go back to the thread.
• Unread message indicators on documents on your desktop.
• Other minor changes and bug fixes.