Retro Space TD Tower Defense

Retro Space TD Tower Defense (4)Description

Defend your planet against hordes of alien spaceships in this space old school futuristic fun action packed tower defense game with tactic elements!
Armed with a advanced arsenal of turrets and unique upgrades, there is no end to the many strategies available at your disposal!
* Free tower defense game in space stetting!
* Perfectly works both on phones and tablets!
* Great retro look!
* Tons of ships!
* Original 8-bit soundtrack!
* Lots of turrets! Unique upgrades!
* Challenging Levels! Old school!
* Superweapons!
* 2 game modes : campaign & survival!
* Tons of achievements!
* Constant updates!
* Great support!
* One of best free tower strategy war games!
* Be true space hero! Have a lot of fun and challenge! Protect your planet from galaxy invaders!


If you want new features or updates, please let us know! Thanks for your feedback!
What gamers say about the game:
“This is how you do a free game. Totally awesome, simplistic but brilliant. Download it, seriously, right now.”
“Quite fun! An interesting take on tower defense.”
“Great retro look. Gameplay is fun. Wish there were more levels!”
“I like to play it very much! Great music and graphics.”
“If your looking for a decent game that don’t bore you than this is it.”
“Dude you made my 47 yr day better!”
“I can’t stop playing this old school space defense game”
“Thanks a lot for this funny game 🙂 I played a few hours now and I love it!”
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What’s New

– you can buy meteors, health and mine fields for gold!
– you can sell your towers!
– 50 new achievements
– leaderboards
– 5 new ships
– 10 new levels
– 6 new turret upgrades
– old levels were tuned
– 2 superweapons – mine fields and meteors
– ability to heal your base
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