Round2 (1)Description

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Test your speed with round²!
How long will you last in this bright colors, speed and techno music mix?
While the two rings flow and intersect, dodge the little squares coming from both sides as they create faster and more difficult paths.

—– This game has been developed as a graduation thesis.
—– Since I’m the only developer I really need your feedback.
—– If you encounter any problems o have suggestions to make, please contact me at
—– [email protected]
—– Thank you.
—– Original concept, game design, graphics and code: Giordano Berselli
—– Original soundtrack: Giammarco Agazzotti
—– Developed with Corona SDK, graphics with GIMP.
—– Font:
—– Nechao sharp:
—– Stereofunk:
—– Internet, Access network state: Ads
—– Vibrate: Self-explanatory
—– round – round 2 – action – twitch – minimal – speed – game – hard – round2 – indie
—– action game – survive – hd – graphics – stunning – survival – hardest – difficult –
—– high speed – fast – reflex



What’s New

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– Bug fixes




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