Toast Time

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Hear hear! The best thing since sliced bread.
An appetising arena shoot-em-up garnished with tower-defence elements and served warm with awesome-sauce (probably syrup).
A throwback to the golden age of video games where old-school homebrew titles fused arcade action with a distinctly British sense of humour.
Inter-dimensional time-blob beasties have sailed the cosmos in pursuit of spare time, and now they’ve found it, tasted it, on an idyllic Monday morning.
Assume the role of TERRY (toast-ejecting recoil & reload system), a humble and solitary toaster with an uncontrollable love for English breakfasts, hats and scheduling.
Tap to launch toast, crumpets and magnitudes of other breakfast paraphernalia at the beasties. Bounce around and crush them with your hot metallic mass. Tip over bins, and use the environments to your advantage. Drink a little coffee and go a little crazy. Do everything it takes to defend toast time – you are Monday morning’s final hope. Have your toast and eat it.
* 45 action-packed missions.
* 16 exciting bread-based weapons.
* Iron man survival mode.
* Bonus COFFEE TIME mode.
* Loads of colourful hats and customisations.
* Addictive and original gameplay specifically designed for touch.
* Achievements and online high-scores.
* Super-slick audio and calibrated soundtrack — each level has its own track!


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What’s New

Fixed survival mode rank bug.