Beach God

Beach God (3)Description

BEACH GOD — The game that has the courage to finally answer on of life’s most mysterious questions: will YOU impress fine beach babes?
Flex your guns to impress as many beach babes as possible—but be careful—you’ll go home alone (again) if you overexert yourself!
– Simple one-touch controls that all man-children can operate
– Incredible 8-bit graphics that will make your inner hipster feel like a kid again
– Innovative AI— beach babes are harder to impress than you’d think, as usual
– Marvellous reviews, including: “This looks fun” by Dave in Accounts and “What do you want me to say?” by Tina in reception.
– Rumor has it that if you reach over 1,000 the Beach God loses his speedo
– Finally, a healthy dose of irreverent fun.
Music and Sound:
– Music and Sound – MindFunk Productions (






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