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Binary Challenge  BinaryGame (4)Master binary numbers & Train your mental math with this amazing binary game!
* Learn binary & hexadecimal
* Train your mental math
* Enjoy the meditative deep space atmosphere

The only binary game to learn binary with up to 32-bit numbers, support for quaternary and hexadecimal and three different guessing modes for each bit-size!

Binary Challenge encourages you to convert binary (and hexadecimal) numbers to the decimal system by mental math faster and faster.

Meditative like sudoku. Challenges your brain and trains your mental math to do additions and multiplications in your head while you convert binary and hexadecimal numbers. Learn binary and hexadecimal with this binary game!

Key Features:
* Advance from 4 bit to 8 bit,12 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and finally 32 bit
* Learn binary (Base 2), quaternary (Base 4) and hexadecimal (Base 16)
* Several game modes with varying difficulty and in-game assistance
* Explain: Binary Challenge will explain every conversion step by step if you want
* Master 54 achievements!
* Google Play Games Integration: Raise in the ranks and compare your results in our Leaderboards
* Meditative futuristic background music
* Feel free to suggest features – mail to [email protected]
“… it’s surprisingly engaging thanks to a very well-thought-out UI.”
– Michael Crider, AndroidPolice


“It’s easy to get drawn into it, and there’s a reason for that” (score 4.13 of 5)
– Jason Botha, AndroidGuys

“The Math Geek – A fun, educational game to learn and practice binary code. It’s a special game that stands out because of its originality and amazing design.” (score 8.8 of 10)
– Anna Grace, AppsZoom

“Even I started playing it for fun though I’m not a math geek!”
– Kosta C.

“Bored of birds&co? This binary game actually challenges your mental math and helps you to convert bigger and bigger binary numbers. Learn Binary & hexadecimal and improve your math!”
– Thomas,

Convert binary numbers by mental math!
Install this binary game now for free to learn binary and train your mental math every day!


 What’s New

Added super simple 4-bit mode for an easy start
– Streamlined tutorial for everyone new to „Binary“
– Lots of subtle changes for improved gameplay
– Bugfixes (“Exit Button” and others)


Version 2.05.03 can access:
In-app purchases
  • read phone status and identity
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  • read phone status and identity
  • view network connections
  • full network access

Size: 49 MB

Version: 2.05.03