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Your robots are armed and ready for battle. It’s time to Blast or be Blasted!
Launch yourself into the awesome world of Blastron, home of the universe’s most extreme Robotic Sport – Blastbots! Explore thousands of ways to blow up your fellow robots, while collecting awesome loot, upgrading and customizing your robots…and did we mention, blasting the crap out of other robots!?!?
Collect an arsenal of insane weapons designed for maximum annihilation while upgrading an array of unique robot parts to level up your skills. It’s a blast or be blasted kind of world out there, SO GET BLASTING!
Game Features:
• Shoot your way to the top of the Blastron Hall of Fame leaderboard in fast paced turn based online battles
• Collect and unlock a huge variety of weapons and boosts in order to crush your opponents and score maximum points.
• Upgrade your robot’s parts to create thousands of unique robot blasting combinations
• Utilize your platforming skills to strategically grab loads of epic loot – scoring you tons of weapons and items and racking up points to help your shoot to the top of the leaderboard
• Play in campaign mode to battle your way to the Blastron championship title and unlock new weapons and robots for use in multiplayer modes
So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Blastron and Get Blasting!
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App Screenshots

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What’s New

• All weapons can now level up! Every shot fired will earn you progress towards that weapon. The more you use them, the more points they earn you!
• Get up to speed on how weapons work! Mick-E has set up a shooting range that allows you to try out every weapon.
• Fixed the notorious black screen in campaign mode
• Campaign mode boss battles now properly award players with the robot parts.
• Watch out! The Blast engineers have upped the IQ’s of the campaign AI Bots.

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