Chorus (1)Description

Saw some of the apps in advanced phones and jealous that your phone doesn’t support them? Guess what, here is an app providing one such function! Chorus provides a functionality similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 – Group Play.
Now make your Android device a makeshift speaker and enjoy music the way it’s supposed to be – IN STEREO! Choose an individual track or make your very own Playlist. Just connect the devices and you’re ready to go!
1. No hidden costs – No In-App Purchases, No Ads. Chorus is completely FREE and it shall always remain so.
2. Connect as many devices as you want with UNLIMITED PLAYBACK TIME.
3. Supports Android 2.3.3+.
4. Manual syncing option is available.
5. Playback of each device is independent of the other.
6. Connected devices can be separated as far as the WiFi range.
7. The Playlist feature allows you to automate the entire process. Just create and enjoy!
8. The Playlist can be edited at any given time.
10. When Hotspot is created no Mobile Data shall be used.
11. Chorus is the one-stop solution to all your Group Playback needs, and it comes with a simple yet gorgeous UI!
Known Issues:
If songs are not auto-synced then please SYNC the device Manually using the SYNC Button
Chorus is still in its beta stage and we would be extremely grateful if you could report bugs and missing features, if any, to [email protected]. If you have any suggestions or additions that you want us to include in Chorus, kindly mail it to the aforementioned email address, with the subject ‘Addition’. Your feedback is important to us, and we’ll try our best to incorporate any requisite changes in future updates.




What’s New

v0.3 (BETA 3) –
+Added Ability to Host on a Existing WiFi Network
+Added Ability to Save & Load Playlist
+Improved UI
+Improved Stability
+Bug Fixes
v0.2 (BETA 2) –
+New UI
+Reduced App Size
+Better Sync Functionality
+Bug Fixes
v0.1 (BETA 1) –
Initial Release