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Turn best moments into amazing movies. An automatic video editor that creates stunning short movies from all your best videos and photos. One of Clinch’s coolest feature is that it helps you create a collaborative movie by combining and editing your content with videos and photos from friends around you.
To make your movie even more stunning Clinch offers you to add the best related pics and clips from Instagram, Twitter, panoramic views from Google, nearby tweets and more cool stuff, all based on your location!
It all happens automatically:
Record or upload videos and photos from your camera roll. Add captions, choose a style, a soundtrack and add more clips from your friends, Instagram and Twitter…
With a click of a button Clinch analyzes the best parts. It then edits it all together (hands free…) with amazing transitions, filters and more.
Clinch is especially great when you and friends go together to music concerts, sport events and parties… Capture it, and let Clinch do the rest. You can also explore movies by other users, see what’s trending around the world and what’s popular nearby. Follow other clinchers to add them to your movie feed and share movies on Twitter, Facebook, SMS and Email.
+ Automatic video editing (Everything is edited and stored in the cloud).
+ Clinch finds and combines all related videos and photos around you.
+ Choose how and who to mix your videos with.
+ You control the privacy of your content.
+ Unlimited uploads and storage!
+ Browse, Like and comment on friends and other clinchers’ movies.
+ Follow other users and get notifications when your video stars in other movies.
+ Explore popular and nearby movies.
+ Live feed of your friend’s best and favorite movies.
+ Instant movie sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and Email.
+ More cool stuff!
For feedback / report bugs / cool tips – please contact us at [email protected]



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