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Cover Lock Screen (1)Description

Cover is a smart lock screen that gives you the right apps at the right time. It replaces the factory lock screen that comes with your phone and includes features like peek, fast app switching and smart settings.
Four Key Features:
1) The right apps at the right time: whether you’re at home, work or in your car, Cover learns which apps you use and puts them at your fingertips.
2) Peek: quickly see what’s new and launch apps with a swipe.
3) Switch between apps: jump directly between apps, skipping the steps in between with Cover’s app tray.
4) Smart settings: set different ringer volumes and wallpapers for each place: home, work, car and out.
Praise from Critics:
“Cover is a brilliant Android lock screen” – TechCrunch
“Performance is impressive; scrolling is smooth, the app is quick and responsive“ – The Verge
“Cover is one of the smartest applications we’ve seen” – Gizmodo
“Cover’s ‘peek’ feature is surprisingly instantaneous” – Engadget
“A smart and sleek solution for getting the most out of your lock screen.“ – AllThingsD
“Cover is an ever-changing lock screen with a buttery smooth UI” – DroidLife
“As you play with it, you realize it’s an app that’s very well thought through” – PandoDaily
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What’s New

v0.1.9 — Small Fixes
* Fix Camera shortcut tap target
* Fix Music app getting stuck as last app
* Crash fixes, more battery-saving changes
v0.1.8 — Music Controls, Home Screen Shortcut, Quick Camera Access
* Music Controls for KitKat. Our most popular feature request!
* Home screen shortcut. Swipe the icon in the lower-left to open Cover directly to your home screen, rather than to the last app that was open.
* Quick camera access. Tilt your phone on its side to reveal a camera shortcut.

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