Learn anywhere, anytime with the app for Android.

This app offers full access to the video training library with a membership. Browse courses and watch free videos even without a membership.

Log in to your account to access training videos that teach photography, design, web and interactive design, business, 3D, audio, and much more.


Your activity syncs across devices, so if you watch a course on your Android device, it’s tracked in your account and you can easily pick up where you left off from your computer or other mobile device, and vice versa.

For the highest-quality playback, watch our videos over a Wi-Fi connection.

• Access to all course videos, organized by new releases, subject and software, for members
• Easy login for all membership types, including schools and businesses
• Streamlined search experience
• Auto-play to continuously watch an entire course
• Fully functional playlists that allow you to view, edit and add playlists
• Course history that tracks your progress, no matter how you access
• Course download and offline viewing for annual premium members
• High-definition or standard definition video modes

Supported Devices:
All Android phones and tablets
Operating system
Android 2.3 or later


What’s New

• Both Android phone and tablet compatibility
• Compatibility with Android 2.3+
• Offline Viewing of courses available for annual premium members
• Better navigation via side drawer
• My courses with course history
• Playlist functionality includes adding, removing, and editing playlists and playlist items
• Nonmember library browsing
• Search with voice recognition
• Sharing courses with social networks
• Assigned playlists for lyndaEnterprise members
• Classes for lyndaClassroom members