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Android’s first live-action cinema martial arts fighting game! A kung fu movie starring…YOU!

In this fast-paced interactive movie, you play the legendary fighter, Tuta Shen, in his epic confrontation with the infamous kung fu master, Mr Lui. Can you defeat Mr. Lui and become the Hero of Shaolin? A thrilling gameplay experience awaits! Only through lightning-fast reflexes and masterful cool-headedness will you prevail against your opponent. But beware: this is an intensely challenging game! Then again, nobody ever said being a kung fu master would be easy.

Hero of Shaolin takes only seconds to learn, but hours to master. The game is designed to be played in short, exciting “bursts” lasting two minutes or less. This allows you to play a complete round even when you only have a couple minutes to spare.

This photorealistic interactive movie includes the following features:
– Live-action video that reacts to your decisions in real-time
– Beautiful, high-resolution, 30 frames-per-second graphics
– Entertaining English-dubbed character dialog
– Classic 70s-era music and retro sound effects
– A dynamically branching storyline
– Emersive haptic feedback
– Integrated help system
Stop merely watching action movies. Start LIVING one!


Please visit our website at http://heroofshaolin.com for more details.
Note: Hero of Shaolin uses the device’s network connection to report anonymized crash reports and app usage data. This information is used strictly for product improvement.


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What’s New

This update adds enhancements designed to improve compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.