HunterX Zombie Shooter

HunterX Zombie Shooter (1)Description

Planet has gone wrong, and evil portals have opened with creatures to eliminate everyone. Main Hero – HunterX is a stylish guy who has come to save the planet and destroy all the evil creatures. 60th feet tall head demon named “Red”, is leading the attack on humanity and has challenged all the mankind with clear intents to enslave the souls of mortals.
HunterX is a mercenary and earns money by eliminating zombies and monsters, defending Hotdog vendor and Snowmen, surviving and chasing skulls and money.
Killing TONS of monsters using BIG SERIOUS GUNS turning them into gibs, earning gold coins, and collecting skulls as a proof, like in good ol’ days. Very fast-paced and addictive gameplay makes you never want to stop.
A lot of weapons from katana to BFG (which is called XGun here), flamethrower, rake, chainsaw, Tommy gun, AK47, laser swords and a lot more.
RPG-style stat upgrading makes you more powerful, faster and stronger!
Game missions vary from defending the Hotdog vendor and Snowmen to surviving hordes of creepy creatures, trap runs and boss levels. Levels contain various traps – deadfalls, walls of fire. Game is packed with humor and irony and more important IT IS FREE!
Quote from Gamewoof by Mike Deneen:
“That doesn’t mean that there isn’t developers who can still use a theme that’s been flogged like a dead horse and use it in a very unique and fun way.”
Quote from
“All people who like and enjoy to kill zombies, will enjoy this game as well”
Key Features:
• Addictive re-playable and hardcore gaming experience!
• Fast movement with dual stick control!
• Dynamic levels with traps, walls of fire, pitfalls.
• Gibs, blood and gore! No, seriously. GIBS! BLOOD! GORE!
• Big variety of perks and bonuses!
• Upgradable character stats, tweakable look!
• Different weapon mechanics! From Rake to Energy swords. From good old Revolver to advanced sci-fi Plasmaguns
• Collect achievements and fight for a better score with your friends and other people!
Anyone who likes to kill zombies and monsters as in Dead Trigger, Gun Bros, Zombiewood or addictive Monster Shooter will also like the HunterX.
Or maybe you are addicted to Walking dead or World War Z?
If you are fan of Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead or DayZ on PC you will enjoy as well.
Remember, HunterX is totally FREE zombie game!




What’s New

NEW: Perk magnet
FIX: Better graphics
FIX: Performance improved
FIX: Size reduced 3 times
Please use 1Ghz devices with at least 512Mb of RAM for best experience.