Impala (1)Description

Impala is the first app in the world that automatically sorts the photos on your phone. You do not have to manually label each and every one of them: Impala “looks” into your images and videos and recognizes what’s inside. For instance, Impala can recognize cats, sunsets, beaches, and so on. Impala then automatically creates photo albums and organizes your photos.
Impala also aims to be useful for photographers who do not want to fiddle with settings. Want to quickly take a new photo or a selfie? Go right ahead! Impala will look at what you’re photographing and automatically choose and apply intelligent filters on-the-fly. You don’t have to do anything.
Please note that the app will make mistakes every now and then. Still, the majority of images will be put in the right album, helping you to find them again.
For privacy: You’re good! The app does not connect or transmit any of your data to cloud services.



What’s New

Version 1.1:
– added share photo feature in photo browser.
– added support for more cameras
– fixed a number of compatibility issues with various devices.
Version 1.01:
– added support for removing photos from an album.
– hashtags of detected concepts are now also visible in the photo viewer.
– minor bug fixes. Thanks for all the reports!
– added support for Intel based devices.
– added support for more phones.