Retro Camera

Retro Camera (1)Description

Our app is a real tool that emulates real world caemeras and best films and best photo techniques.

5 cameras:

1. Normal.
Simple as it is.

2. ActionSampler
Create awesome collages with this camera.

3. Holga
Square format photos that can be published to Instagram

4. Fisheye
Best and fastest fisheye camera at Google Play


5. Sampler
Combine 2 photos in one

14 awesome effects
We analyzed a dozen of real films and do our best to emulate the colors and distortions they give to photographers.

1. Fellini
Classic Lomo effect.

2. P5
Nice low contrast film

3. Childhood
Film with a lot of grain and distortion

4. T1
Low contrast film with yellow tone

5. Hendrix
Film with an awesome grain effect.

6. F2
For low contrast lovers

7. M5
Nice sepia-like effect

8. Disco
Have fun with this filter from 70s

9. Pinhole
Old grandfather’s vintage camera.

10. Cinema
Camera from 20s

11. Bad Film
…When something goes wrong during the processing

12. Columnist
Vintage camera

13. X1
Black and white processing.


What’s New

Performance optimization


Version: 1.5
Size: 21M


Sohon posts while he is cycling.