Litho – Layered Photo Filters

Litho - Layered Photo Filters (1)Description

Litho lets you go beyond single-filter apps with 700+ available effects and features such as Filters, Borders, Textures, FX, Double Exposure, Fonts to Mix & Layer.
Unlock Litho with our In-App Purchases and receive over 500+ Pro Filters & Graphics to add to your packs.
▼ Mix & Match ▼
At anytime add text or graphics, fx or textures, using Litho’s innovative layering process. Since all filters and assets are baked to the composition any of the effects added share the effect enabling a creative process unique to you.
▼ One of a kind FXs ▼
80s TV Color Offset, Halftone, Red/Blue Color Offset, 8-Bit Pixels, and more unique FXs that separate Litho from any other app!
▼ Double Exposure Mode ▼
Create beautiful Double Exposure photographs with Litho’s Double Exposure mode. Litho allows you to layer an infinite amount of photos using built in blend modes such as screen, multiply, & overlay to give you fine tuned results.
▼ Graphics & Fonts ▼
Once you’ve finished creating your photo add topography or graphics to your composition to give it a professional look. With over 50+ Fonts & and 70+ Graphics there is no limit to the creative possibilities.
▼ Frame with Borders ▼
Finish off your photos with over 35+ creatively orchestrated borders.
Litho also allows you to add effects to any sized composition (Portrait, Landscape, & Square).
▼ Easy to Use Interface
▼ Borders to frame your photos
▼ FX options such as make your photos look 3D or even give it an 8bit effect!
▼ Graphics & Fonts with Coloring & Alpha Options for perfect typography.
▼ Crop (Free Crop, Square and Ratios such as 3:4 or 9:16)
▼ Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Color
We have truly inspired by what our users have created with Litho. Just from our Pre-Release users we’ve heard stories of users creating professional art for their portfolio to our graphic designers creating mock-ups with Litho on the go.
With Litho there are Infinite Possibilities!