Firetrucks: rescue for kids

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Hey! There is a new Thematica’s app about cars!
“Firetrucks: 911 rescue (educational app for kids)” is the new app for a kid who even once imagined himself as a fireman, rescue or lifeguard!
This game will bring your kid from sandbox to backyard’s grassplot where your little firefighter will have a chance to save heroes’ life. Rescue needs you kid to be courageous, smart and even kind-hearted. No doubts he is!
What’s new for this game? Almost everything! There are so many kinds of firetrucks, is it amazing? In the app you’ll find 5 exciting and widely(absolutely) different firetrucks: offroad firetruck, vintage firetruck and etc. Thanks to the app your kid will learn a lot about fire cars, their components and their purposes in use. ‘Cause they looks like real!
There is an awesome and crucial(important) task for each kind of firetruck. Performing tasks your kid like a little rescue gets stars. The app will bring your little fireman to the sick of action and make him a real app’s hero!
Don’t be afraid of the little player’s misunderstanding of the tasks. His heroic’s intuition and propmting posters on the background will help him to overcome all the difficulties.
There are lots of beautiful animations with great video and sound effects that wil catch your kid’s attention. So the app is the best way to have an educational fun with your kid!
And also your kid will probably become a firefighter, a rescue man or a lifeguard. So we (Thematica’s team) will be happy, and you (a great parent) will be really proud, and the whole world will be secured!
• Stimulates kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills.
• Makes the educational process about firetrucks unusual and interesting.
• Has a colourful graphics and exciting sounds.
• An unusual and interesting way to learn about different vehicles.
• Fun to play again and again.
• Exciting and realistic vehicle sound effects.
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