Qcast (1)Description

Try Qcast, a simple trivia game for you and your friends! Connect any number of devices to a Google Chromecast device to join the game (all players need to be on the same network.) The first player to reach 100 points is the winner, everyone can get the answer correct – how much the answer’s worth is up to you.


This is a project I started based on a simple idea I’ve had since the chromecast was released. I’m open to suggestions. If you’d like to submit a question you can do so here: http://goo.gl/chro3r



What’s New

– Mar 3: Added about 100 new questions to the pool. Working on category management and new game/crashing issues for next release.
– 1.5
* Everyone can now answer the question correctly, the first to score gets the most points, then it starts rounding down depending on the number of players.
* New basic winner announcement screen
* A ‘New Game’ button was added, but the new game functionality isn’t quite ready yet.
* Visual updates