Superior Tactics


Superior Tactics is a tactical RTS game where your custom designed fleet battles against progessively more challenging enemy fleets.

A variety of ship types and weaponry are available for you to choose from in assembling your fleet. Build a massive battleship filled to the brim with long range missiles, or a handful of swarming scout ships with short range lasers.

Completing missions awards you research, which may be spent to unlock new, better weapons, or to upgrade existing equipment. Tractors beams, cluster bombs, shield bubbles, anti-missile lasers, heavy cannons and more are all at your disposal.



What’s New

Fixed a bug related to mission progress
Stronger shields are now more transparent (you can see the ships behind them)
New Perk: Electronic Warfare (small chance enemy missiles will be disabled)
New Option: disabled player ship automatic movement. If you prefer to manually control all your ships, you will love this option.
New Weapon: ECM Laser, hack enemy missiles to turn around and attack enemy ships!