Wurdy (1)Description

Wurdy is the NEW fast and frantic party game – you have 60 seconds to describe as many words as you can to your friends! Heads up, there’s just one catch – you can’t rhyme, mime, or spell them out!

Tired of bland family gatherings, endless small talk at cocktail parties, or just another night at the pub? Get your Wurdy on! It’s the ‘always with you’ sure-fire antidote for the social blahs.


● Perfect for any group – from 2 friends to 20!


● 5 fun-filled categories from the get-go, with plenty more available- each with hundreds of words to guess and describe. Mix ‘n match them to make every game a completely new experience!

● Great for all ages and interests – there’s a kids’ pack designed especially for the youngsters, and to stump those ‘know-it-alls’, there are film/TV, people and places, sports and many more to play with!

● Share game play videos: it’s one-click easy to upload videos of you and your friends’ funniest rounds via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!

Starter Categories:
– General Knowledge
– Celebrities
– Animals
– Kids
– Science

Additional Extras:
– Sports
– Film and TV
– Video Games
– Landmarks and places
– Brands
– Music
– Football

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Thanks for playing and we hope you love the game as much as we do!



What’s New

Our Wurdy development elves have been hard at work with this update – we’ve improved the smoothness and flow of the game, as well as fixing a few pesky bugs and brushed up the video sharing experience. So get sharing your games now!