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Smile Mom is the best place for mom friends to stay connected. Share the stories of raising your kids with friends-turned moms or other moms-like-you in your area. Group chat between mom friends to exchange parenting tips!

The perfect place for moms to overcome isolation after having birth, busy working moms to exchange tips on parenting and work&family balance, or sell those used baby products that you no longer need.

Local Streams (What other moms are saying in your area)
• Questions and answers related to parenting (e.g. What’s a good place to go to during the weekend with your family?)
• Buy and sell gently used baby products and items
• See what other moms are up to in your neighborhood
• Discover other moms-like-you (e.g. working moms in your area, moms of kids who go to same preschool)

Group Chat or 1on1 Chat (Messenger)
• Chat with your mom friends or circles (e.g. moms of kids who go to same preschool, ballet class, swimming lessons, … you get the idea)
• Send and receive photos with your close friends and family members

Profile Just for Moms
• Create your mom profile: are you a working mom? or a stay-at-home mom?
• Discover other moms with kids that go to the same preschool
• What are you interested in? Cooking? Writing? Share your interests!


News Feed (Just between your friends)
• Share adorable photos and videos of raising your kids with your mom friends
• Give feedback to your friends photos and videos
• Learn what your mom friends are up to

Babybook / Family Album
• Organize the photos and videos of your children growing up chronologically
• Beautiful photo filters and collages. Super easy family video editing. It’s a digital babybook for your family
• Learn the development milestones for each month of your child’s growth

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If you have any trouble or question on using the app, please contact us anytime through the email: [email protected]

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What’s New

[Version 1.1.4]
– Add user report / block menu on chat and post screen.
– Fixed UI glitch
– Fixed network bugs cause app crash.





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