Lockable (1)Description

Introducing Lockable
Lockable is a smart lock screen for Android Wear featuring Swipe, PIN and Pattern unlocks. Lockable features an easy-to-use user interface crafted with impeccable attention to detail, coupled with smart functionality that leaves a truly transparent footprint on your Android Wear experience. It adapts to both rectangular as well as circular screens.
Swipe gestures
Swipe down from the center of the top edge to instantly lock your wearable. You can even set it to automatically lock a certain duration after the screen dims. The background can be set to transparent as well, allowing you you view what’s underneath on the homescreen without needing to unlock.
Smart features
As the screen dims, the lock screen will disappear leaving the watchface plain to see. Upon interaction, the lock screen will fade back in allowing you to keep track of time while protecting the information on your wearable at the same time!
Lockable Pro for PIN and Pattern unlock
The PIN and Pattern unlock makes Lockable the optimal, secure, and configurable lock screen solution for Android Wear.