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Wink It Keyboard (1)Description

Impress your friends! Text with real-time and relevant emoticons and images, making your texting intuitive, attractive, faster and a lot more fun!
Wink It is an innovative keyboard designed for Android smartphones that recommends relevant emoticons and images as you type.
The keyboard offers real-time access to thousands of standard, action, emotional, fun and unique emoticons and images that can be used in casual chatting. With Wink It, sending a message like “Let’s grab a slice of PIZZA” can now be expressed visually.
As you start typing, Wink It predicts the relevant emoticon that can be inserted from the keyboard’s suggestion bar. It also offers multiple emoticon predictions associated with single words, for instance, typing “fruit” will suggest images of an apple, a banana, a pineapple, etc.
The keyboard provides two suggestion bars. The top suggestion bar offers additional images related to the first suggestion displayed in the lower suggestion bar.
The Wink It keyboard is also intelligent as it continuously learns users’ writing styles to suggest the most accurate image, thus making texting considerably faster and more interesting.
** This is a beta release of the Wink It Keyboard. The license will expire after 90 days.
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• Predicts single/multiple emoticons based on text input
• Suggests emoticons based on continuous gesture input (Glide)
• Learns context from user while typing and offers relevant emoticon suggestions
• Auto Correction and Next word prediction
• Learn from social accounts, SMS and contacts
• ATR to create shortcuts
• Glide Beta: slide over letters to form words without releasing your finger and customize Glide trace color
• Customize gesture shortcuts to launch applications, websites and to perform clipboard operations
• Private Mode to prevent keyboard from learning words
For issues/feature requests email us at [email protected]
Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. Wink It does not learn your password and never collects or sends your private data. This keyboard also provides a Private mode option which prevents it from learning what you type.
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