Artillery Strike

Artillery StrikeDescription

You are the Commanding Officer of an Artillery regiment during World War II. Protect Mother Russia against the German war machine!
Like the famous Battleship gameplay, choose, deploy and arm your units on the battlefield, because your enemy will be ruthless!
Lock down the area and try to spot the enemy positions: when you have them … fire at will!
The best tactic is attack! Eradicate your enemy before he annihilates you!

Wage war!
Start the conflict on Google+. Challenge your friends or face a random opponent.
Awake the military genius within you and position your units on the battlefield!

Bring out the big guns!
Light, medium or heavy shells? After your baptism of fire, you’ll soon discover what the different types of ammunition are all about! Plan your strategy: massive bombing or surgical strike?
Now wreak havoc in the enemy lines!


Aye aye, sir!

Feature list:
• Turn-based game: fight on several fronts whenever you want.
• Enjoy beautiful 2D graphics.
• Intuitive and simple gameplay.
• Adapt your ammunition to your strategy.
• Use your different skills wisely (reveal positions, destroy).
• Claim daily rewards.
• Progress up the military ranks and enhance your arsenal.
• View your game statistics and share them via the social features.

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