GoofyBooth  (1)Description

GoofyBooth is a carnival mirror that twists your face in crazy ways. It will warp your photo in real-time with a variety of funny effects. It is like having a magic mirror right in your home. This camera was built for laughter.
The effects will bend, twist, distort, and warp your appearance as if you were made of rubber. Grab your face, grab a colleague, and let the effects do their magic. This is a great way to waste a few moments add a little laughter to your life. Whether you wish to see President Obama through the predator filter, or your mother-in-law a warped and bloated, you’ll be sure to be grinning the whole time.
It is like…
– A carnival mirror right in your home without all the clowns.
– A mad plastic surgeon working on your face without losing your nose.
– All the laughter and amusement without sticking your head in a taffy press.
– All the magic of a skinny head and fat nose, without the celebrity diet.
All of the photo effects are completely FREE. Each camera filter runs in *real-time* for lots of fun. The warping begins instantly the moment the app starts. You’ll find yourself flipping through effects for hours.
—- Effects include —-
* Fat and skinny mirrors
* Reverse mirrors
* Face morphers (spiral, pinch, ripple, ect)
* Colors, negatives, comic books
* Goo smears
* Mosaicks, predetaor, line drawing, old photo and more.
—- Features include —-
Live Camera – None of that static garbage. See your face move!
Snap Photos — Share that funny mug with your latest squeeze.
Import – Use photos on your phone for excellent magic.
Morph — The faces of President Obama and other interesting people.
Unlock — FREE with ads or remove them for cheap.



What’s New

—– Version 1.1.8 —–
– More stability enhancements.
– Support for more devices.
—– Version 1.1.6 —–
– Tweaks to some filters for better results.
– Fixed crashes on Honeycomb devices.
– Other fixes for minor bugs.
—– Version 1.1.5 —–
– Fixed mirroring issues on some devices.
– Fixed hangs on some newer devices.
– Fixed black screen issues on some devices.