Bitcoin Alert

Bitcoin Alert (1)Description

Whether you trade bitcoins regularly, just have a fat BTC wallet, or have shorted BTC waiting for the right moment to close your positions, Bitcoin Alert will save you from having to constantly monitor the value of your coins by alerting you about changes as they happen.
Instead of having to constantly poll markets (thus draining your battery), your device will receive push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging from our cloud based monitoring service, sourcing MtGox exchange rate data (USD/BTC).
The basic types of alerts you can define to set up your own custom trigger conditions are:
1. Price Hit (when the current market price reaches a certain value), and
2. Price Change (covering market price fluctuations based on parameters such as Amount, Interval and Direction).
To distinguish between alerts of different severity, you can customize the type of notification placed in your phone’s status bar (silent, regular, insistent – like an alarm) for each alert you define.
This app (and the associated monitoring service) is subscription based. When you first install it, a fully functional initial trial period will let you decide if you find it useful. When the trial period expires, the app will continue to function in restricted mode, limiting the number of active alert rules to 2.
NOTE: Although our services are based on high availability solutions from Google, we can not guarantee the delivery of alerts with a 100% success rate. MtGox servers, as well as underlying Google services may occasionally experience outages.