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Featured in Money Magazine, Wallaby helps you use the best credit card every time you shop, so you earn more cash back, miles, points or shopping discounts from your credit cards.
At Wallaby we believe 2% cash back is the minimum. Earn hundreds of dollars in extra rewards every year.
You’ll be in the know about special bonuses with just a tap. Each of your cards is scored for each transaction so that you know which of your credit cards to use.
Wallaby is easy and free! Set up your wallet by selecting the type of Visa,  Discover, and American Express credit cards you carry. Then, just pick a shop or restaurant from the Wallaby App’s map and we’ll show you which credit card to use. It’s a fun, highly effective way to:
• Get the most points, rewards or cash back every time you shop
• Locate the closest merchants in categories like shops, restaurants, and travel
• Use FourSquare for instant notifications on which credit cards offer the best rewards at a local restaurant or store
Wallaby is completely secure (no need for your credit card numbers!). You just relax knowing that you are getting the most from every purchase.
The Wallaby App offers a huge step forward in personalization, control and ease of use for anyone that wants to get the most from their credit cards.
By connecting your Wallaby Wallet to your credit card accounts, the app can track all your monthly, quarterly and annual credit card spend minimums, credit limits and APRs.
Just tell the app how much or little you want to track your credit cards. Like to sit back and watch the Wallaby App do the work? No problem. We’ll keep a close eye on all the promotions and programs available on your credit cards so that you don’t miss any great offers. You get all the card smarts with zero effort.
Like to mix in some advanced preferences? We’ve got you covered. You can set your own values for loyalty points and activate bank bonuses. You’ll be in charge of the most sophisticated credit card management toolset available.
You can also use the Wallaby App to get alerts on pending promotions. And, the app’s geolocation services identify local stores and associated credit card reward or cash back deals.
Wallaby – it’s the best friend your wallet ever had!



What’s New

★ Minor bug fixes
★ The app is ready for some football