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Introducing Camera HDR Studio, the best Camera application for taking a real HDR photo. Using our own enhanced and optimized HDR algorithm, you can now take a full resolution HDR picture with incredible results in no time.
– Our HDR algorithm idea works by taking two photos with different exposures, fuse them and apply tone-mapping to them to produce the final result.
– Process at full resolution in the background, so nothing will get between you and taking pictures, because you don’t have to wait for saving to complete 
– Our automatic image alignment algorithm aligns the images perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about being too precise when taking the two photos.
– Multiple HDR variations that ranges from normal, to artistic to cartoonish.
– Save or share your beautiful HDR images.
– If you have an already saved image, then you can use our excellent Fake HDR algorithm that produce a result that are close to our true HDR algorithm, but better than any other Fake HDR out there.
– Unleash your creativity by adding extra effects like color enhancement filters, or add frames or texture to your HDR image. 
– You can have the option between choosing a Real or fake HDR
Camera HDR Studio is a great replacement to your default camera. It contains a large amount of features and customization options that makes taking picture more fun than ever.
Here is what you will get with our app:
[Top features]
– HDR support (Fake or Real).
– Fastest Camera ever! Shoots up to 30 photos per second using Burst mode option, (up to 10 on low end devices). You can shoot up to 150 photos in 5 seconds
– Process images at full resolution (8 or 13 MP).
– Geo Tagging.
– Works perfectly on Tablet.
– Incredibly fast processing, all effects are processed instantly. Saving is processed in background, so you don’t have to wait at all.
– Over 70 effects, frames and textures are available at your disposal (some of them are customizable), combine them in a non-destructive way to produce the perfect image. 
– Customize all phone buttons, (volume to zoom or take photos, trackball to change white balance…etc).

[Main Features]
– Shoot by touch.
– Zoom support.
– Mute shutter sound (if supported).
– Different image sizes.
– Last photo taken preview.
– Blind shot, take pictures without sound or display, instead a vibration will be the indicator, help exposing corruption. Please use it wisely.
– Import images and apply various effects on it including HDR.
– Different saving options, including: saving quality, saving location, auto-save, save-original, store GPS, and save file name.


[Shooting methods]
– Normal shooting mode.
– Steady shot, say goodbye to blurry pictures.
– Timer, shoot a picture after a set amount of time that you can specify.
– Time Lapse, shoot a picture every set amount of time that you can specify.
– Burst mode, shoot a large amount of photos per second, you can also specify the speed ratio.

– Combine the effects together to produce the perfect result.
– Process all effect at full resolution.
– 9 HDR modes.
– 50 color effects, including: LOMO, Retro…etc.
– 12 artistic effects.
– 9 Mirrors effects.
– 8 vignette effects.
– 5 texture effects
– 14 frames.
– Save the filtered image along with the original.
– Share your image through our share button.
– A ready mode that allows you to preselect your effect before taking the photo.
Any bugs? please help us improve our app. Any feature request? you are more than welcome, please let us know through the feedback menu button.

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What’s New

1- Adding Import to main screen
2- Fixing some bugs
3- Speeding up overall performance
Release# 23:-
Fix RB Color swapping
Release# 22:-
– Setting default HDR mode to “Fake HDR”
– Fixing freezing and crashes bug on some devices
Release# 21:-
– Adding notification bar for images in Queue.
– Fix many folders in Gallery.
– Fix GPS bug.
– Fix saving darken effect.
– Enhance HDR modes.
– Fix flash bug.
– Fixing the nagging “rate us” dialog.
– Fixing bugs.


Version: 1.2.2
Size: 4.2M


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