DreamLab (5)Help solve cancer while you sleep.The Garvan Institute of Medical Research needs more computing power to speed up cancer research. Donate the power of your smartphone to help, with DreamLab – the flagship program of Vodafone Foundation Australia.

Download the app, choose how much data to give, and let your phone crack a piece of the cancer puzzle as it recharges.

For Vodafone Australia customers, the data used for solving research problems is totally free on the Vodafone network in Australia (but if you’re also contributing over WiFi, you’ll be charged as per your WiFi plan). However some other functions in the app might use a very small amount of data which you will be charged for. For everyone else, you’ll be charged as per your mobile or WiFi plan for the data you contribute. Roaming incurs international rates.


With just 1,000 users DreamLab will process research data 30 times faster than what Garvan could do without it.​

Why does the app request photos, media & files permission?

The app requests access to photos, media, files permission in order to temporarily store the tiny research problems whilst they are being processed and solved by your phone. DreamLab will only access the files it has created in the files directories. It does not need access to any of your private information or photos.


What’s New

Improved processing speed.
Bug fixes for:
* app processing very slowly on some devices
* app not starting automatically on some devices
* app processing not progressing after network access errors
* incorrect display of time spent processing since being plugged in and battery charged
* displaying notifications too frequently
* not clearing notifications when app is in the foreground


Size: 9 MB