Flo (1)Description

Driving you to be a better driver: Flo turns every trip into a chance to build your skills behind the wheel while working toward goals that improve your overall driving ability. Flo helps you not only become a safer driver but also an environmentally conscious one who saves money and has a lot of fun in the process.
• Audio and visual feedback let you know how you’re doing during each trip. Earn points for smart driving and lose them for aggressive tactics.
• Between driving sessions, you can replay past trips in 3D, so you can see what went well and what needs improvement.
• Flo automatically records your trips, so you’ll keep track of all your trips.
• If you’re a business user, you also get detailed insight into distance driven, travel times, and routes, so you can increase your efficiency in the future.
• Best of all, Flo is free. You don’t even need an expensive dongle or an account to get started with this simple app that will have you improving your driving the first day you use it.


Flo is in beta and we’d love to hear your feedback at [email protected] to make Flo your perfect driving companion.