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Just get in. Tap. And get out. It’s that easy.

With the Way2ride taxi app now available in New York City, there’s no more fumbling for your wallet to pay at the end of the ride. Just scan a credit card, set your tip preference, and you’re ready to ride.
Whether you hail with your hand, or hail with an app, all it takes is a single tap at the beginning of your ride is. All your receipts are saved in the Way2ride app and online, with a map of your route, tags, and other tools for submitting expenses.
Left something in the cab? No problem. Just tap a button to tell us what it is, and we’ll contact the taxi for you. And if you want to see where the vacant taxis are or figure out how much it’ll cost you to get uptown, we got that covered too.





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What’s New

Improved stability and performance. Updates to the fare estimator screen.