Level (1)Description

Level is the radically simple, digital equivalent of opening up your wallet to see what you can spend today, this week, or this month. All you need to do is link to your bank account(s) – including checking, savings and credit cards. Level does the rest.


Once your accounts are linked, Level automatically calculates total income, savings and recurring bills. What remains becomes ‘Spendable’ cash, showing you exactly how much you can spend that month, week or day.

Every time you complete a transaction – say buys gas or orders a drink at a bar – Level automatically updates the spendable cash for that day.

* The top ~100 US banks support connections to Level, expanding all the time

* Links to your bank accounts so you are constantly up-to-date

* You never have to enter transactions manually

* Automatically detects income and fixed expenses to show a complete picture of your financial situation

* Delivers a single view of your activity across all your connected accounts

* Provides at-a-glance, simple view of cash flow and anticipated savings

* Offers an optimized interface for tablet users

* Always Free






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