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Download the official Mashable app, which alerts you whenever a story is starting to go viral, so that you’ll know what everyone’s talking about, before they’re talking about it.
This beautiful design adapts responsively to your device’s size, from a phone to a mini to a full-size tablet, so you can be assured the app will look great on whatever you’re carrying.
And this app is smart: When you finish reading an article, the homepage is dynamically stitched in below the article. You don’t need to keep clicking on the navigation to get around the app — it just knows where you’ll want to go next and opens up a path for you. We know you expect this from us, and that’s what we aimed to deliver.
When our Mashable Velocity algorithm predicts a story is about to go viral, we’ll send an Android notification to you. But we have to warn you, it’s pretty addicting. Just promise us that you’ll read the one story that you’re notified about, and then you’ll actually get back to work.





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What’s New

Fixes for crashes.
Share articles through your favorite social networks with the new native android sharing feature!
Improved load time for articles.
‘Please Wait’ dialogs can now be dismissed using the Back button.
Bug fixes for velocity alerts.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.