SmartMove (1)Description

Sit Less, Move More!

Getting up and moving is healthy for you. SmartMove’s highly accurate physical activity monitor uniquely tracks sitting time and provides personalized, real time coaching to help you create healthy, physical activity habits throughout your day.


This app is meant to be used with SmartMove’s intelligent insoles. The comfortable, supportive insoles slip easily into your shoes and identify your activities (sit, stand, walk, run, and bike) and measures the distance traveled (for walk and run) and calories burned. The information is then uploaded to your Phone via bluetooth and displayed in real-time on the SmartMove app.

Don’t have your iPhone with you? Don’t worry, SmartMove’s intelligent insoles will store up to two weeks worth of data. When you return to your iPhone, the information will automatically be uploaded and displayed.

SmartMove’s insoles will be available soon. Look for information on their availability at

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