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“Game Changer” — GigaOm
“Ten most interesting startups” — Billboard
“We think Soundrop is cool for a number of reasons” — Evolver

Discover what everyone is talking about. Soundrop is the popular social music app that puts you in control. Listen to great music in one of our popular genre rooms, like Chill Out, Dubstep or Indie Wok. Explore rooms built around themes, or even rooms filled with music by your favorite artists.

Soundrop lets you do more than just listen to music. You can join rooms and chat with your friends, or make new friends over a shared love of the same music. You can even attend special events and hang out with your favorite artists.


When it’s party time, Soundrop lets you be the DJ. Vote for the tracks you want to hear and pick what everyone listens to next.

The Soundrop application requires you to login with your Facebook or Twitter account to take part of the action. We will NEVER post anything without your permission.

Please note that you need Spotify Premium to listen to music played in Soundrop rooms. Don’t have Spotify Premium? You can still use Soundrop as a remote control to add, vote and even chat in any room.

Download Soundrop today to discover and enjoy music with friends and other fans all over the world.

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