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Happy Christmas from everyone at HighAndes!

Designed specifically for Android touchscreen devices, trakAx MovieExpress is a radical approach to creating movies on the go. With our fully-featured video mixer, you can create a real-time HD movie, with all the controls you’ll need – volumes, tempos, transitions – available at your fingertips. Free from the constraints of building complex video timelines, our multi-channel mixer allows you to jump between your videos, photos and music to create a movie that is vibrant and fun, both to create and to watch.

We put you in control. This is video editing made for multi-touch devices.

Free Version Key Features include:

• Create Movies, Ringtones & Photo Slideshows in Real-time
• Add multiple photos to a single channel to build a photo slideshow.
• Control individual video tempos on each channel – (Slow Mo / Fast Forward Effect)
• Control individual volumes on each channel
• Add transitions
• Easy to use – drag and drop media on to channels.
• Languages Supported – English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese(Brazil).
• Export to 360p, 480p, Ringtones
• Share your exported video on YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Upgrade to trakAx MovieExpress+ to access the following features:


• Edit & Trim your videos
• Export to 1080p Full HD / High Res
• Advanced Audio Editor
• Add Text / Captions / Drawings to Videos & Photos
• Add Start & End Credits, Themes & Borders to your Video mix.
• Add Ken Burns photo effect
• Add transitions and effects

Keep It Simple, Or Go Crazy

trakAx MovieExpress is designed for all types of Android users. Some people want to create great videos, quickly and easily. Other users want to get more involved – that’s why we have a comprehensive range of editing features for those who like to spend a bit more time on their creations. All the editing features are optional – so it’s up to you how far you to take it. Simple upgrade to access these advanced editing features.

Want to get the most out of trakAx MovieExpress? Watch our in-depth video tutorials and learn about all the amazing features contained within the app –

What People are saying about trakAx MovieExpress:

“..this is by far the best multimedia editor for Android. It’s strange moving away from traditional timelines but the novel yet intuitive approach means you’re more in touch with the content. It’s easy to put a “mix” together & share straight away but you can also take a bit more time and add some polish… Highly recommended & a bargain at this price.”

If you like the application, it would be great to get a positive review and would be really appreciated. Hope you Enjoy!


****We do not currently have support for encoding/exporting video files captured at 3840 × 2160 (4k). Encoding a video which includes 4k videos will lead to an Encode Fail message. We are currently investigating this.****

**** Exporting on devices with less than 1GB of Ram will range from 480p to 720p, depending CPU resources available. On devices with 2GB of RAM, maximum export is 1080p ****

**** On larger screens, some photos and videos may appear pixelated. This pixelation will not appear in the exported file.****



What’s New

Fix for non-displaying of images in the Media Browser with filename extensions longer than 3-character extensions e.g. image.jpg vs image.jpeg.
Fix for “null pointer exception” crash. Improved handling of toggling between our application and the Camera app in low memory conditions.