Galactic Nemesis


Galactic Nemesis (6)Aliens are invading the galaxies and you’re the only hope. Battle waves of alien races and defeat mega bosses with your powerful galactic ship. Each world offers a new set of challenges, and new species of fire shooting aliens. Upgrade your ship to help your conquer the challenges. Compete in almost 50 stages, then attempt each world’s endurance mode to see if you have what it takes to save each galaxy.Game features:
48 Stages + 48 Stages of Endurance Extended Play
10 Upgradeable Ships
Challenging galactic invaders
Classic shmups / Shoot ’em up gameplay
Simple controls
Retro 8-bit space arcade game graphics
Exciting challenges
Epic 8-bit background music
Win challenges to earn coins
Upgrade ships to earn more fire power, special weapons, and shields
Over 50 AchievementsSuper Simple Gameplay:
Drag anywhere to fly through space & to shoot


What’s New

Updated so tablets have a more immersive mode. Bug fixes.



Version 1.0.7 can access:
In-app purchases
  • read phone status and identity
Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
Device ID & call information
  • read phone status and identity
  • full network access
  • view network connections

Size: 29 MB
Version: 1.0.7